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Appropriately Dressed
Title: Appropriately Dressed
Rating: G
Word Count: Around 410
Characters: The Doctor
Summary: There is no way he is letting her go out dressed like that!

Author's Note: For the one shot challenge at who_contest Hope you enjoy...

"You want to go dressed like this?"Collapse )

Musical Synaesthesia - a Drabble
Title: Musical Synaesthesia
Rating: G
Word Count: 394
Characters: 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory Pond
Warnings: None
Summary: The Doctor saves the day.  Again.  This time he lets Amy and Rory do the talking...

Author's Note:  This has been about fifty different drabbles before it became this one for who_contest.  Hope you enjoy


Read more...Collapse )

A Whole Other Life
Title: A Whole Other Life
Rating: G
Word Count: About 1600
Pairings or Characters: Rory Williams and River Song. In that order.
Warnings: None
Summary: Rory Williams died. But he didn't. It's all fuzzy and a bit distracting.

Authors note: This story has been in my head for months and the who_contest challenge finally made me write it.  I hope you enjoy.


Rory Williams dies. Sometime later he wakes up.Collapse )

exploding TARDIS
Title: Supernova

Author: eriphi

Word Count: 347

Characters: 11th Doctor, Amy, Rory and unspoken Rose memories.

Summary: The universe is a beautiful, destructive thing.  And just because you can't save it all doesn't mean that it's not right to try.

Author's note: Written for the who_contest drabble challenge "Burn".

"What's that?" Rory asked.Collapse )

exploding TARDIS
 A short story from comment_fic and the following prompt from [info]blinddreamer  -- Doctor Who, Eleven & or / Rory(/Amy), the Doctor is surprised at how quickly and thoroughly Rory trusts him
Word Count - 570
Characters - Rory and the Doctor

short fic (x2)
exploding TARDIS
Another couple of short fics from the prompts at comment_fic 

Prompt: Doctor Who, 9th Doctor, Earth's sky has always been orange, The doctor finds it difficult to return to his favourite planet after Gallifrey is gone.  For lmx_v3point3 
Note: This is the first time I've ever written for the 9th Doctor, and it is an unusual style for me.

Orange skyCollapse )
Prompt: Doctor Who, 11, Amy, Rory (maybe River), in which Rory saves the day, for mahmfic 
This is much more my usual style.  Who would ever expect me to write about Rory saving the day...  There is a bigger story here, I'm sure, but I'm not sure if it will ever be written.

Saving the dayCollapse )

Short fic
exploding TARDIS
My first attempt at short fic, based on a prompt at comment_fic from meteorfire  -- Doctor Who, any, for some odd reason all the lights in the TARDIS go out.

Fun to do, but I did try to make a proper story (with that ever elusive beginning, middle and end.)

Title - In the Dark (I suppose, not really convinced)

Word Count - about 750

Characters - 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory

"Get the door open!"Collapse )

exploding TARDIS

Summary: Amy finds out that she is not the only one who has been keeping secrets.

Author's note: This is another memory themed h/c fic.  There isn't much action, really just bit of conversation.  I'm not sure if it works as canon, but it's an idea that wouldn't let me alone.  It's a one shot, all finished.  I hope you enjoy.

Characters: Amy, Rory and the 11th Doctor

Rating: K (nothing too offensive here today...)

"Doctor. Can I ask you something?"Collapse )

Summer days
Just back from a lovely weekend in the caravan, enjoying the most unnaturally beautiful weather.  Not like Scotland at all!  To make things even better, I've got the house to myself, to watch Doctor Who.  Again.  Brilliant astronauts...

And of course, try to finish the swording fic.  

Wedding Night
exploding TARDIS
Summary: Amy Pond had plans for her wedding night. She was sure, though, that watching her new husband sleeping was not one of them.
Characters: The Doctor, Amy and Rory.
Warnings: None.  It's not even all that smutty even though it's Amy's wedding night, and it's Amy, and she has plans.  Although there will probably be kissing.  Rating should probably be a T.

Author's note: This is pure, unabashed hurt/comfort, because it is so much fun.  I wonder if this could be considered AU, now that we know what Amy and Rory were up to on their wedding night, balloons or no balloons.  Although I'm still partial to this idea.  It can't have been easy squeezing two thousand years of memories into one human brain on one night.